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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear. Simply click on the question below to find the answer.

 Is SeniorWink.Com really 100% free?

Yes!. All features of SeniorWink.Com are absolutely free and it'll be free for ever.

Click here to create your Profile absolutely FREE!

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 How can I add my Profile FREE?

You can create your Profile FREE in 1-2-3 easy steps:

1. Account Information - Here you'll choose your User Id and Password. You'll also tell us where your e-mails should be sent.

2. Profile Information - Here you'll tell other members who you are?

3. Your Requirements (Optional) - Here you'll tell other members what you are looking for?

And that's it!

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 Can I change my Profile information anytime later?

Yes, you can change your Profile, Photos, Your Requirements, Email and Password anytime and the changes are updated instantly

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 How can I upload my photos?

After a successful Logon, click on Manage Your Photos. You can upload a main photo plus five additional photos! And you can also replace or delete your photos anytime and the changes are updated instantly. We encourage you to upload your photo, as members with photos get 10 times more responses than members without photos!

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 How do I find other singles?

We have worked hard to make this easier for you. You can find other members in multiple ways.
  • Search: Here you are presented with even more fields to perform your search

  • Advanced Search: Here you are presented more options and fields than Simple Search to fine tune your search

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 How do I contact other members?

You contact other members through our anonymous messaging system. Your true identity and personal information including your email is NOT disclosed to any member.

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 How can I send anonymous e-mail to other members?

After a successful login, you can send an anonymous e-mail to another member from Profile page of another member'. From this page, click on 'Send Message' link found on the profile page.

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 Where do I get my e-mail messages when another member sends me an anonymous e-mail?

You'll get all your messages in your Message - InBox. You can access your 'Messages' from 'Member - Home' page. We'll also send you a alert message to your current e-mail address.

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 How do I reply to an anonymous e-mail from another member?

Logon with your User Id and Password. Click on 'Messages' from 'Member - Home' page. Then click on a message to read. Then click on 'Reply' to reply to the message.

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 What is 'Message InBox and OutBox'?

Message Boxes is similar to any web based e-mail like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. Message box stores all your messages and Nudges you sent and receive. You can also find out if another member read your message by looking at the 'Status' field of a message.

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 How do I know if another member has read my message?

You can also find out if another member read your message by looking at the 'Status' field of a message.

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 I forgot my User Id and/or Password. Where can I get them?

Click here to retrive your UserId and/or Password.

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 What is 'Member - Home' page?

'Member - Home' page is like the control panel of your Profile and membership. You are automatically taken to 'Member - Home' after a successful login. You can perform all the membership activities from here.

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 What are Favorites, Rejects and Blocked folders?

These are special folders used to keep your short listed members. Use the 'Favorites' folder to keep the members you are interseted in and the 'Rejects' folder to keep the members you are no longer interested in. If you do not want a member to contact you again, move the member into Blocked folder. Note that the the other members will not know about your Favorites/Rejects/Blocked lists.

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 Can I know who viewed my Profile?

Yes, click on Who viewed me after a successful login.

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 Can I make my Profile not Searchable?

Yes you can. Click on 'Account Settings' from your 'Member - Home' page. Click on Checkbox 'Hide my profile' and click 'Save Changes'. However, if another member already know your UserId, they'll be able to contact you.

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 What is 'Ideal Partner Alert'? Can I disable or enable it?

When another member's Profile matches your requirements, the system automatically sends you an e-mail message. You can turn this feature on or off at anytime by logging in and from the 'Member - Home' page, click on 'Edit Your Requirements'. Then Check or Uncheck to 'Send me an alert when a new profiles meets my criteria' to receive or not receive automatic alerts.

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 How can I cancel my Membership?

After a successful login, click on 'Account Settings' from the 'Member - Home' page. Select 'Delete Profile' and 'Save Changes' to delete your profile and membership.

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 I'm not getting Emails from SeniorWink.Com or mails got to Spam/Junk folder

Emails are sometimes automatically moved to a Spam/Bulk/Junk folder by accident. To prevent this from happening again, select the message and mark it as 'not spam' and/or add the sender dont_reply [at] @SeniorWink.Com to your contacts.

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 I have a question not answered here, how can I contact you?

Please Click here to contact support. Most questions will be answered in 1 business day.

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